Saturday, December 30, 2006

Independence Day II

[This post is the earlier draft of this article. Please help improve these articles. Thank you.] The graphic represents the relationship between males and females. AN is the time axis.

Let's take the origin A to be 2000 years ago. And assume that the relationship between sexes is zero sum.

We know that 2000 years ago women were truly slaves of men. They had no education, no property rights, no rights at all. There were imprisoned in the kitchen. Women were not even allowed to enter the part of the house the male master of the house entertained guests.

So females were not even masters of the house. They were enslaved cooks.

AW is the axis where we mark the authority ratio. Then at A women has zero authority and men has 100% authority.

Women's remarkable fight from slavery is clear from this graphic. Women formed an informal sisterhood and supported each other to further their cause and gradually they declared their domination in the house. This took generations. But today all around the world women rule the house.

Next women fought for and got voting rights. Then they entered the workforce. This was the crucial stage. By keeping women at home men controlled women's destiny. Without financial resources women had no options of surviving outside the house.

Today workforce is divided equally by men and women. So we are at the point O. This is a crucial point in the relationship of men and women. [a cute marketing name for this point would bring you a lot of fame in the blogosphere]

The chart shows that women have momentum. This is also proved by looking at the state of males in society. Males at present are fighting a losing battle and they are only concerned to protect their turf and their position in the labor force.

The chart clearly shows that in the future women will enslave men and imprison men in the house. Just the way men once enslaved women.

Women still have the collective memory of the time when they were men's slave.

The first generation of house husband is already in place.

This will continue until a generation is raised with males. Then women will change the definition of motherhood. Men will speak with the same pitch that most women speak now. Women, on the other hand, will be louder. Already, by placing a women as the sole anchor of an evening news of a traditional network women redefined the voice authority.

The image of motherhood will change. Nurturing mother who cooks comfort food will be replaced by the house husband. The total enslavement will follow.

How many years will it take for women to enslave men totally?

I think this will take less than 50 years.

What kind of world will the female dominated world be?

Interesting question. I don't know.

But I can offer some speculations from observing the state of the society today.

One observation is this: After two thousand years of slavery once women were liberated themselves and started to earn money they equated happiness and freedom with shopping.

Exercising your freedom gives you happiness.

Women's exercising their new found freedom by shopping gave birth to today's consumer society. This is good and bad.

When women became a force in the society, the society became more dynamic. But values changed. Before we wore a jacket until it was worn and could not be used anymore. Even then we mended and used some more. Today we throw away a perfectly nice jacket because fashion industry tells us to do so.

Women sanctified the new. In every field things must be replaced with their new version periodically. Women worship new. Every season they must have something new. How many totally good shoes, handbags, accessories a women throw away during her lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands?

This is true in science as well. Once we had a cosmogonic model and generations believed in the same cosmogony. Today there is a cosmological season tied to the semi-annual meeting of the industry in some paradise island. During the meeting the cosmologists unravel the latest state of cosmos and tell us what would the value of the cosmological constant for that season.

Fashion industry regulates the hem lines, cosmologists regulate the cosmological constants. [a nice graphic showing how hemlines and cosmological constant change over the years would go well here. There may be even a connection!]

So women's entrance into science has changed how we perceive scientific process.

By entering the workforce women freed themselves from the dominance of men. Women freed themselves from the dominance of men but they sold their body to unhuman entities. Every square inch of women's body is commoditized. Fashion, cosmetics and entertainment are giant organisms which feed on women's body. What was once women's temple became the commodity abused by these giant unhuman organisms.

Therefore, already we are living in a society shaped by females' dominance of men. The present society is structured to service women.

Will women outgrow their addiction to shopping?

Remember that women's addiction to shopping is the result of their two thousand years of slavery. If you have no access to money for two thousand years and then you find your freedom through money, spending money will be the manifestation of your freedom.

I know this firsthand. I lived barely above the powerty level for two decades as a struggling painter. Then suddenly I made a lot of money. I spent it all quickly. If you have been poor spending money gives you power. That's why old money is penny pinching. Rich people already know the value of money and the richer they get the more penny wise they become. You will never see a rich person throwing away money. Collectively women are nouveau rich. And they are showing off their newly obtained power.

It is empowering to shop. Women assert their freedom by shopping.

Is this only a stage in the development of women's freedom?

What is the next stage?

Most women are convinced that men are not needed for reproduction. By taking this idea further women may establish a society more like the one favored by ants. Human females too may decide to delegate reproduction to a priestly caste.

One thing to notice is that worker ants in the ant colony are not aware that they are working ants. The same way today's working girl is not aware that she is a working girl and the slave of the unhuman Org.

Women also use a different style of communication than men. Women are more direct with each other. Women are much, much more intelligent than men. Women are born marketers. Women are twice as tough as men in terms of physical strength. All these may be good for humanity in general. It is definitely good that the more intelligent gender is ruling the earth.

For women communication is the exchange and not what is communicated. Words have no meaning. Women care for the exchange. Communication is the exchange.

When you watch two girls speak to each other you will note that they are not really saying anything to each other. They are continuously fighting to dominate each other. When they are equally powerful communicators you can feel the tension as both grab every split second of silence to insert their own giggle. Word just do not have any meaning. Uttering meaningful words would be like work. So that's why women love music so much. Rhythm, cycles, harmony are all more important than meaningful words.

In the future this giggle language may dominate.

All of the above may be totally wrong. I have not watched television for more than quarter of a century. I have not read the news as long. I am like a mixture of Rip van Winkle and Don Quixote.

If you are a female reader please let me know what you think and I will correct the document. Do you agree with any of these? Or am I totally in the wrong track.

Thank you.

Please also review Independence Day I.


Anonymous said...

Independence day II - an interesting theory! I think it's really clever.

Hope you don't mind my making a suggestion? Either break down the theme of your post into separate and shorter or more concise posts, or use some catchy subheadings when you change the topics in your post - it makes it easier on the eye to browse or read.

You've certainly got a lot of interesting stuff in there to play around with.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

AHA!!!! I knew that women are just about as evil as men!!! In fact, humanity is riddled with much hatred...even against their own fellow humans!!! I'm male by the way, and no... WOMEN ARE JUST ABOUT AS SMART AS MEN. Just because the average female brain is born with a 23% thicker connection to both the left and right sections DOESN'T mean they're intellectually superior, it means that they're capable of EXPRESSING THEIR FEELINGS at a much more effective way. :D I find it funny that you would stoop to such a low're theory is very reminiscent of childish chauvanism... I'm not going to mock you further. I respect the fact that you were brave enough to state such a radical theory...however I don't respect YOU for posting such a sexist theory.....

SIDENOTE: I was once sexually enslaved by my girlfriend...but now I've liberated myself!!! I AM A MALE SLAVE NO MORE!!!! In fact we're going to start an equal relationship.

Were is your goddess now?
Take Care of Yourself
A random male surfing the abyssmal realm known as the internet.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a document this sexist in my life! Get a life girl, you're TOTALY off track. Get a life and stop making these absurd predictions.