Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's good to be a woman

It's Good to Be a Woman: "unlike their mothers and many of their contemporaries, this group of women "had this sense that we had a life of our own, not just one lived through children and husbands."

This view turned out to be an illusion. Now women live a life through big corporations. They threw away their contract with men and they entered into a contract with the Big Org. Because of this we are now living in a female society called consumer society.

What is the next stage of female domination of the society?

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Rod said...

The next stage of feminization of society is, unfortunately, slavery -- and not of the enjoyable one on one psycho/sexual kind. I would say that the fusion of corporate collectivism and left wing political utopianism will result in bondage -- bondage to the wicked ideals of political correctness, the rigid and violently enforced stamping of a newly fabricated and wholly artificial personality on the nature of humankind. It will fail, of course. But the process of its failure will be violent and destructive of civilization in general. However, the coming femme-fascist reality will only be an American phenomenon. Worldwide, women are still oppressed and brutalized in the old fashioned way. It's been a long time since anyone suggested freedom first, equality second, if ever. Nothing is equal - because nothing is the same. That shouldn't keep us from respecting and appreciating those who are different from us. Beware of all who suggest putting "equality" above freedom. That person is our enemy.