Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mistaken Mystique: Women Win

I just saw this book The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much? while browsing at Borders in my lunch break. I read the Prologue which contains a well-written story of the metamorphosis of three generations of women from housewife to professional.

Leslie Bennetts' grand mother is a traditional housewife. In the 1930s her husband leaves her and Leslie Bennetts' mother joins the workforce to support her mother because her husband refuses to do so. Leslie Bennetts reads Feminine Mystique and goes into publishing and sheds any vestiges of domesticity her mother still harbored.

This well-written section proves what I have been writing in this blog as the historical trajectory of sisterhood.

Please note how Leslie Bennetts perceives her grand mother. She doesn't realize that her grandmother represents an important stage in the liberation of women from slavery. As I wrote in Women's Independence Day women in the antiquity were slaves and they were confined to the kitchen. Women's first war of independence was conquering the household. This war lasted about a thousand years but women finally became the masters of the house.

The husband was the master of the house. Women fought and won the mastery of the house. Women was so successful that men did not even realize what they lost.

Leslie Bennetts' grandmother was proud of this victory. Her husband did not fulfill his part of the contract and helped the emancipation of women.

One more proof that women are moving full speed ahead toward the enslavement of men in the near future. If anyone has read the book I would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment. This is exciting!

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:D You adorable little creature ^_^

This is another piece of UNDENIABLE proof that humans are so stupid that they are willing destroy their own race through a series of wars over religion, politics, and sexual domination.

Please stop saying that WOMEN are smarter than men...(They're just as stupid, the examples are all over you. It's fun to find them, now go look!!! :) )

Where is your goddess now?
XD Have fun now

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